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Current Poetry Topics: August 2011

While we’re on the topic of the 2012 theme Hope and Hopelessness, here are some of the topics we are most interested in for submissions of poetry chapbooks, including those not related to this year’s theme:

  • We’re always looking for interesting and thought-provoking Asian-American poetry collections.  We are looking for poetry about the AsianAm experience as well as the experience of immigrants from all nations.
  • Currently interested in poetry about the Arab-American and Muslim American experience.
  • We are also currently interested in the “hometown America” style of poetry.  An example of this, though it’s not poetry, is Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio short story collection.
  • Lyrical poetry with whimsical language
  • Collections of several haiku centering on a very specific theme

Currently, we are not interested in the following:

  • Experimental or explicit poetry collections
  • “Romantic” love poetry

Please refer to our Submissions page to find out how to submit a poetry collection to Glass Tower Press.


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