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Call for Contest Submissions: Refuge

When was the last time you needed time alone? Did you scream it out in your car or tuck yourself away in your bedroom for hours?  Think of a time and place when you needed to get away. Were you able to?

Stained Glass Books, the poetry imprint of Glass Tower Press, is issuing a call for submissions until June 30th. Poets are encouraged to submit their own original poetry focusing on the theme of “Refuge.”

Prizes of $30, $20, and $10 will be awarded to the top three submissions, respectively. A reading will be held in late August or early September to honor the contest winners and runners-up. There will be no print or online publication, and as such all publication rights will remain property of the author.

Poems must be fully developed before submission; workshopping poetry before submitting is encouraged. The entry fee for contest submissions is $3 for up to 3 poems per entry. There is no limit on entries.

Thank you for submitting. I look forward to reading your work!

– Alan Beyersdorf is the poetry editor at Glass Tower Press and the imprint Stained Glass Books.


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