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Meet the Editors: Poetry Editor Alan Beyersdorf

Last month, GTP announced a new submissions manager and a new staff member.  Today, we’re introducing that staff member – Poetry Editor Alan Beyersdorf – and his project within Glass Tower Press.

– Feliza Casano is the editor in chief of Glass Tower Press.

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Changes – and New Staff

If you’ve been paying attention to the Glass Tower Press blog site, you may have noticed quite a few changes over the past few months.  We’ve made plenty of changes and hope these changes will help us grow.

Since starting our reboot in November, we’ve had a number of structural changes to our website.  Our submissions and guidelines pages have changed dramatically, and we have added a page of submissions we will not accept that is separate from our guidelines page in order to make the guidelines page more streamlined.

We have also added a new submission managing program through the site Submishmash.  Submishmash offers a great submission system separated into categories.  Accounts to submit are totally free, and you can use it to submit to any of a number of publications on their site.  Eventually, we plan to expand our use of Submishmash to include contest entries and other types of submissions.

Many of these changes are thanks at least in part to our new staff member.  If you head on over to the Staff page, you’ll find we have a new poetry editor.  Welcome to Alan Beyersdorf, who will now be accepting poetry chapbook submissions for Glass Tower Press!

In the future, Glass Tower Press may be looking for more staff as submissions increase.  Please stay tuned to get more information, particularly upcoming information about GTP accepting potential high school and college interns.

– Feliza Casano is the founder and editor in chief of Glass Tower Press.

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