Glass Tower Press

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Glass Tower Press accept the following types of submissions.  Please note that sub-bullets are preferred genres.


  • Young Adult fiction, particularly action/adventure, mystery, and slice of life
  • Fantasy – we’re looking for urban & Asian fantasy as well as magical realism
  • Religious Fiction
  • Non-Western fiction
  • Science Fiction – we are particularly interested in character-driven science fiction, especially superhero SF, rather than plot-driven SF
  • Innovative speculative fiction, especially steampunk


  • Unusual topics
  • Local – Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan regions
  • Guides for college and high school students
  • Workbooks/Journal-style manuscripts


  • Unique perspectives on everyday or common themes/topics
  • Multicultural/international ideas, topics, and themes
  • Apocalyptic themes
  • (Under construction)

Glass Tower Press is currently interested in:

  • NON-FICTION: College Guidebooks
  • FICTION: Modern mysteries, Asian fantasy, steampunk & speculative ficiton, superhero fiction
  • POETRY: Theme 2013 “Lucky Number 13
  • NON-FICTION: eBook/iPad app proposals (contact Feliza Casano at gtp.editor [at] gmail [dot] com for more information)
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